We all need a place to travel to when we get that feeling to just “ get away”. Whether this place is physical or not, it can still be considered…somewhere. I have a couple of places I venture to when my mind is feeling cluttered and a little overwhelmed. They are fictional places that they are made up from the fabric of my imagination; but, nevertheless they are still destinations…in my mind. I am still not too sure as to why I choose certain destinations over other’s, all I know is that It depends on my mood.  And while being on this new adventure called parenthood, I definitely need a place to go, with just…myself.
For example, when I feel like I desperately need to relax I find myself on the top of a hill during the twilight hours. This hill is always the tallest in comparison to its surrounding neighbors, it is always covered in wisps of emerald green grass. Grass that can only be made by the stroke of a paint brush. The air is crisp, jasmine and orange blossoms fill my senses. Majestic thin trees act as a partial fence between my safe place and the darkness beyond the horizon.The sky is always a shade lighter than sapphire blue, and it’s texture is a mixture of blue velvet and water colors. The sound of crickets always surround me, along with the gentle “ding” of a wind chime ever so often.
 When stress or anxiety starts to creep up on me I find myself usually in a forest surrounded by fragrant vibrant flowers accompanied by the sounds of nature.  Running water is close, and the wind always has just the right amount of chill. The trees act as a canopy of entangled branches; they take on the appearance of soft willows. The stems and leafs are always glistening as if they are made up of hundreds of tiny diamonds.
 These snapshots, these “places” are calming and beautiful to me. To some they may seem to be only colorful paintings or elaborate settings in a fantasy novel; but to me, they are just simple destinations. Where are your destinations?