It is warm, a little bit too warm.The silence is almost deafening, and I can feel the dewy air thick with spring on my cheek. My eyes open easily and I take in the sensations around me.The grass is damp under my body, and the suns rays are giving the leafs a golden glow. How odd, how the branches are swaying, blossoms are falling, and I hear nothing. The lake before me is wide, almost too wide to be just a lake.

I realize now that I am on a secluded piece of earth, an island, so far away from the other side of the lake. Panic sets in and I scramble to the edge.  I need to get across.  I don’t see any way around the lake; it looks too deep and I am afraid to cross it, I don’t know how. Suddenly a figure appears, and seems to be gazing over the body of water.  When I approach the figure, it turns to me. It was like stepping into the blazing sun and trying to allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness. Momentarily, a face appears, a familiar face.

She appears to me occasionally, in random settings,” Time is non-existent” she tells me, as if it is a reminder of something important. I need to get across, but there’s no way. I think to myself. My Grandma smiles and steps into the water, I try to tell her to stop but then she begins to show me…” You see…” she says ” The water isn’t always what it appears to be, it may be deep, but if you take the time to focus on what is right under the surface you will see your path; just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there”. After staring into the waters for a moment, a rocky path starts to appear.  It was there the entire time. She points to the far side of the lake to a path and says “Sometimes we need to take the difficult road to get to where we need to be.”

I wake up wondering where these inspirational dreams come from.  But they are nice to have anyways. The message is pure and simple, but sometimes the simplest things that are most important.