We all view or lives through our own personal filter, or viewing glass. This filter is made up of all of our past beliefs, morals, and biases. What would you say if someone asked you to define truth?

One person believes that the door is green, and another person believes that no, the door is red. When in fact the door is yellow. Both individuals are “color blind” and see the door through their own filter. The first person views the door as green because of their “filter” and the other views the door as red because of his or her “filter”. How do you determine the TRUE color of the door?

Through the facts. 

It makes me wonder just how many “truths” (perceptions) are out there considering the number of filters in the world. Everyone sees things, people, and the world through the filter that they choose. Some cannot change their views because they have yet to discover that they indeed have the control to do so. Once we realize that the way we perceive the world and the things which reside within it are just mere pieces of ourselves, we will have more control over its power over ourselves. It may be difficult at first to break away from your ego, and the definition of yourself and what makes you “YOU”. But once you have realized that our perceptions are merely a culmination of memories and thoughts, we may be able to better see… truth.