I am a new mom just taking in new experiences as I go! I still keep busy by doing the things I’ve always loved, writing, drawing, and cooking. My days go from pondering the world and its deepest mysteries, to just getting sticky with experimental recipes. Some days my fingers are blackened by charcoal, or dusted with flour; but every day they are busy tickling my son.

Creating short stories have always been a love of mine. The stories are usually epiphany’s, dreams, or just plain thoughts. When I sketch, I prefer black and white, and am always drawn to sketching faces…they fascinate me. And in between all of this, we all have to eat! I love comfort food and recipes that just make you feel at home. Home is currently where I spend most of my time with my husband and my son. Taking care of an infant has brought out new inspiration, challenges, and unmeasurable happiness.